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document the --user cli flag

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 * Issue 121: Fixed --help install command trying to actually install.
 * Issue 112: Added an os.makedirs so that Tarek's solution will work.
 * Issue 133: Added --no-find-links to easy_install
+* Added easy_install --user
+* Issue 100: Fixed develop --user not taking '.' in PYTHONPATH into account

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     easy_install --editable --build-directory ~/projects SQLObject
+**Example 7**. (New in 0.6.11) Install a distribution within your home dir::
+    easy_install --user SQLAlchemy
 Easy Install accepts URLs, filenames, PyPI package names (i.e., ``distutils``
 "distribution" names), and package+version specifiers.  In each case, it will
 attempt to locate the latest available version that meets your criteria.
     versions of a package, but do not want to reset the version that will be
     run by scripts that are already installed.
+``--user`` (New in 0.6.11)
+    Use the the user-site-packages as specified in :pep:`370`
+    instead of the global site-packages.
 ``--always-copy, -a``   (New in 0.5a4)
     Copy all needed distributions to the installation directory, even if they
     are already present in a directory on sys.path.  In older versions of