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Issue #11 resolved
Miroslav Vujicic created an issue

It would be good if windows/dialogs could remember their size/position.

Most of the times I would be focusing on Plug only so I wouldn't mind if it takes the whole screen. I would set my main (amp) window to take up the whole upper half of the screen, with bottom half divided between effects dialogs. I wouldn't mind if effect dialogs open up even when the effect is turned off.

In amp window, I would set the load preset dropdown (I know, this bit is yet to come) with quite big font, then amp name a bit smaller but still bigger then the rest.

Same for effects, the effect name should be prominent with somewhat bigger font (same size as amp name)

(Did I mention that I have special interest in usability/UI ;-))

Cheers Miroslav

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  1. Miroslav Vujicic reporter
    • changed status to open

    After quitting and restarting plug only the main PLUG window remembered where it was and how big it was. Amp and effect windows didn't. 'About' window says that it's version 0.4.

  2. Piotrek repo owner

    Added saving size and position also to the destructor - fixes issue 11. Previously it was only in the "closeEvent" so you needed to close each window to save it's size and position. Now you can also quit the application by closing main window and everything is saved correctly.


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