Sliders for use with Tablet

Issue #30 wontfix
Thomas S-A
created an issue

If there is an chance to get plug on an tablet it will bi useful to have sliders instead of Knobs. Or by click on the knob an fine adjustment with slider.

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  1. Piotrek repo owner

    Which tablet? Android or iOS? Either way implementing PLUG for any tablet would require to rewrite it for specific system. Also I'm not familiar with USB access in this devices and I don't know if it is even possible at such low level.

  2. Thomas S-A reporter

    It was Just an Idea that it may be nice to control my Bronco 40 over an Tablet with USB out from my Note Stand. At this time have no Tablet with USB out. But I locking forward to buy one. In most case it will be one with Android on it. And Android is based on Linux. I'm not verry good in programming from scratch, but understand written code and can modify it mostly to work as it should. I hope I will find the time to put the code truth the Android SDK an see what happend.

  3. Piotrek repo owner

    Dials were chosen on purpose to fit small screens. Currently they are not that popular but many people still use old netbooks to control this amps on stage. Also version for Android would require so many changes that this should either be a separate project or a mayor rewrite. Maybe it's time for PLUG2?

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