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Issue #39 wontfix
Reinhard Sasse created an issue

Hi, I succeeded in compiling plug with xCode, but it does not fully work... First of all, when attempting to connect, I get "Error -3", but then second time connecting it seems to be fine: I get the message "Connected" and simulators and effects are loaded. but when I try loading from amp, the slots menu is empty. I seem to be able to load a preset though, looks like it´s the last one, ui gets updated with values, but then I´m also not able to set after making some changes. Also the Library VIew of the Amp is empty and I am not able to update the firmware, it says " Communication Error -200". When I say "Disconnect", I get the "Error: -5".

Im on Mavericks 10.9.5 with a Mustang I.

Anybody ever got it running on a mac?

Thanks for any help in advance, Reini

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  1. Piotrek repo owner

    I've never tried compiling it myself using XCode as I don't own a Mac but I got few confirmations from people using PPC Macs that this is actually possible. Sorry but I can't help with this. :(

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