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Issue #42 resolved
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I have the newest version 1.21 it says it may work with other models that use fender fuse. I have a Super Champ X2 I was wondering what I need to do to make it work. I says cannot find suitable amp when I start plug and connect. lsusb is showing that the amp is recognized.

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  1. Piotrek repo owner

    You would have to add VID and PID of your amp in files mustang.h and mustang.cpp and recompile. But please remember that this software for created for Mustang line and all effects and amplifiers in the program (and all internal fx codes and amp codes used when communicating with hardware) are specific to Mustangs. I can't guarantee that your hardware uses same codes internally and that sending wrong (unsupported) code to your device won't put in in some weird, possibly unrecoverable state. You are doing this on your own and I can't give you any guarantee that this will work or won't brake your amplifier.

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