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Luca Santini created an issue

this is the AMP list on FUSE, when connected to my MustangI (V2); the starred ones are NOT present in PLUG:

Studio Preamp *

F Champ

F Deluxe

F Twin

F Bassman

F Princeton

F Deluxe Reverb

F '60 Thrift *

B Watts *

B '60

B '70

B '80

B Colour *

F Supersonic

American '90 Metal 2000

@piorekf where do you found infos to talk with the ampli? Is it possible to extend PLUG? Could i help in any way?

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  1. BaBoOn922

    When you load from amplifier the preset Black Wizard with Brit Colour amp or Pigs Can Fly preset with Brit Watts Amp, the model of Amp not appear in plug and stay blank but sound of Amp appear. When you try to save one of these preset on your computer, the module ID in the file saved stay at 0, no amp selected. i never had V1 Amp, but it seems to be the new amps emulation on the V2 that give problems. When i look in mustang.cpp, amplifier.ccp, savetofile.ccp, loadfromfile.ccp, and effects_enum.h there new amps are not listed, they cant appear in Plug.

    Sorry if that I said are commonplace or useless, i try to understand to.

    Best regards

  2. BaBoOn922

    Hello Luca, i think work for Plug is good but so many Fork "dilute" the work in my opinion. Why you doesnt Fork Plug Piorekf and added in Mustang V2 amp and other patch for merge easy with it? It seems Plug Bronco stop in 2014 and miss many things like support for updating Mustang I and II V2, Piorekf to like amp v2 but it's the start of project. After, may be Piorekf dont want another help, wont merge, and in that case you have right, a new project is cool. Piorekf should integrated all of this or give some right for continue the project without dilute it.

    Piorekf what do you think about this?

    Best Regard

  3. Piotrek repo owner

    Hey guys. Sorry for not replying for so long but I don't check the email account where notifications go (my old uni mail account) and sometimes forget to check the messages here.

    @luca_santini I will gladly accept any and all help. My problem is that I still only own Mustang I v1 and I don't know about anything that happens in newer firmwares and newer models (plus sometimes I also don't have time). Please send pull requests and I will gladly accept them.

  4. Dana Olson

    @luca_santini - are you going to submit a pull request so @piorekf can merge it here? His branch is the official one, the one that is pulled into all the various Linux distros, and yet it's very broken for owners of the V.2 Mustang amps.

  5. cfrench_indy

    Great job with this!.. better than having to use Microsoft SilverLight.

    I have same issue with the Mustang III V2 (2.2) - not all amps showing. I tried the plug_mustang_v2_bronco fork but the compile erred with ‘class QImageReader’ has no member named ‘setAutoTransform’

    Reinstalled the main repo from @Piotrek and everything is connecting fine but would be great to get all of the amps and effects since latest Mustang firmware update.

  6. Piotrek repo owner

    I would really love to add all the new amp but the problem is that I still only have Mustang 1 V1 and I am simply not able to dump the data required to add the new amps to the app. :(

  7. Dana Olson

    How does one go about doing this? I have a Mustang V v2 head, but don't know how to get you what you need.

    I've tried the spinoffs and had only failure as well.

  8. cfrench_indy

    I'm not sure how to get you the data but if you know of a way, let me know and I will see if I can get it. Thanks and really appreciate all you have done!

  9. Piotrek repo owner

    Everybody can create a pull request. Just create one and if it's OK I'll integrate it with the codebase.

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