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Issue #7 resolved
Miroslav Vujicic created an issue


I know dials look much more like what's on amp, but sliders are much easier to manipulate with your mouse (imho). Any chance of having sliders instead of dials (or one or the other - configurable)?

Cheers Miroslav

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  1. Piotrek repo owner

    Problem with sliders is that they have to take more space to be precise and netbooks with their small screens are one of my main points of concern. But you can also use the box below each dial to set the value precisely and both spinBox (as it is called) and dials can be used with keyboard's up/down arrows and PageUp/PageDown keys. I will see if there is an easy way to make it configurable by the user.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Most netbooks have wide screen (or at least widht is more generous than height) so horizontal sliders could work. But you may have a point, maybe a waste of energy.

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