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Issue #9 resolved
Miroslav Vujicic created an issue

I use netbook a lot and having one sitting on my Mustang would be nice. For that, I think keyboard shortcuts would be my preferred method of control. I was thinking which shortcuts to use, and came up with this: <space> - focus on amp settings <alt><1>...<alt><4> - focus on corresponding effect <L> - level of effect that has focus (selects the existing value so user can just type new value, no need to press delete) <D> - depth of effect that has focus (as above) etc <up> or <right> - increase value of control that has focus <down> or <left> - decrease value of control that has focus <Enter> - submit values on dialog that has focus

Cheers Miroslav

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  1. Piotrek repo owner

    Added keyboard shortcuts - fixes issue 9


    Each element have label describing it. In each label one letter is underlined. Press <Left Alt>+<underlined letter> to activate the element.

  2. Miroslav Vujicic reporter
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    Global shortcuts should work regardless of which plug window has focus. Now if you minimize the main window global shortcuts (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-L, etc) don't work.

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