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x86 Assembly Primer for C Programmers
Ivan Sergeev
Date: Jan 24 05:00pm - 07:00pm, Jan 26 05:00pm - 07:00pm in 4-231

A solid grasp of assembly language makes you a better programmer. Understanding
assembly gives you:
* insight into the true cost of high-level language operations (is modulus %
  cheap? when is it and when is it not?)
* a keen understanding of how program memory is managed and manipulated
* ability to debug at the lowest level, which means you can catch the subtlest
  of bugs
* ability to utilize processor-specific instructions that squeeze the most out
  of every clock cycle and available processor features
* the appreciation of time / space advantages that different compiler
  optimization settings can yield
* a fluency with low-level detail that makes it easy to pick up new computer

Come to the x86 Assembly Primer and get a full introduction into x86 assembly
language, program memory, stack frames, system calls, the role of libc, some of
the convoluted nuances of x86, and some comparisons to another architecture
(ARM). Enhance your quest in becoming a systems programming ninja here!

Platform: strictly x86-32 GNU/Linux, gcc toolchain.
Assembly Syntax: AT&T/GAS.
Prereqs: Intermediate C