please support generating initramfs with import of an non us keymap to make passwords with special characters possible

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Initramfs uses an us keymap by default. Please enable a feature to include another keymap into the initramfs created by better-initramfs. Doing so you would help enable un rapting a cryptsetup wich was made using an alternative keymap like spanish or german ... At the moment it is not possible to enter passphrases that contain for example characters like ¿, ñ, ö or ø Thank you :-)

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  1. Piotr Karbowski repo owner

    All right, I will support it.

    for now you could login to your terminal, run 'busybox dumpkeymap >keymap' and copy the keymap to sourceroot/ dir

    Initramfs on start will run loadkmap /keymap if present, that could be quick solution for your use case.

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