What is this all about?
Simple script to apply miniconfigs, 
the whole idea taken from Rob Landley's

Go to the kernel sources, like /usr/src/linux, then execute foo-miniconfig
with sets of configs to apply.

If everything went okey there will be no output, new .config will have
everything enabled from mini configs and its deps. If anything was
in mini config but not enabled, script will tell you about it, propably 
missing dep to be manually added.

For my workstation:

	/path/to/foo-miniconfig/foo-miniconfig  basic cgroups crypto iptables laptop

Then just add storage drivers (SATA) and filesystem support. 

For Qemu KVM's guests:

	/path/to/foo-miniconfig/foo-miniconfig basic cgroups crypto iptables qemu-kvm-guest

Then just add filesystem of choice support and it will provide all needed 
features to guest, including full virtio support.

Fancy usecase
Continuous Integration for new kernel releases, automatically fetching new version,
generating specified config and testing it under qemu-kvm, without worring that
our CI process will waste time compiling not needed drivers and modules,
clean and simple.