Benjamin Wohlwend  committed 356f2d7

Create worker threads only when needed and dismiss them after they finished their work. This gets rid of ugly error messages during application shutdown.

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File src/undercover/fetchers/

     Gets a list of cover URLs from every registered fetcher and starts
     downloading them 
-    __pool = threadpool.ThreadPool(num_workers=5)
+    __pool = threadpool.ThreadPool(0)
     registry = set()
     def __init__(self, queries, progress_slot=None, image_slot=None, finished_slot=None, status_slot=None):
     def run(self):
+        self.__pool.createWorkers(5, 0.5)
         urls_count = 0
         for query in self.__queries:
             for fetcher in Downloader.registry:
         if urls_count == 0:
             self.emit(QtCore.SIGNAL('showMessage(QString, int)'),'No covers have been found'), 5000)
+        self.__pool.dismissWorkers(5, True)