Benjamin Wohlwend avatar Benjamin Wohlwend committed 356f2d7

Create worker threads only when needed and dismiss them after they finished their work. This gets rid of ugly error messages during application shutdown.

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     Gets a list of cover URLs from every registered fetcher and starts
     downloading them 
-    __pool = threadpool.ThreadPool(num_workers=5)
+    __pool = threadpool.ThreadPool(0)
     registry = set()
     def __init__(self, queries, progress_slot=None, image_slot=None, finished_slot=None, status_slot=None):
     def run(self):
+        self.__pool.createWorkers(5, 0.5)
         urls_count = 0
         for query in self.__queries:
             for fetcher in Downloader.registry:
         if urls_count == 0:
             self.emit(QtCore.SIGNAL('showMessage(QString, int)'),'No covers have been found'), 5000)
+        self.__pool.dismissWorkers(5, True)
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