Progress towards Django 1.4

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  1. Richard Esplin

Resolving errors to make compatible with Django 1.4. This is done in a backwards-compatible manner, so it still runs in Django 1.1.

Still have one issue that I know of: Since my changes don't impact current compatibility, I'm think it is safe to merge so that others can help.

The other changes correct problems with interaction between and

They are in the same pull request because the last commit corrects a bug in the backwards compatible Django 1.4 changes. I don't see how to cherry pick that bugfix with the first set of changes without including the second set.

Comments (2)

  1. Alexander Solovyov repo owner

    I don't really use or maintain Byteflow already, but this seems like no-brainer to me, absolutely safe to merge. I have one note though: use 'key' in dict instead of has_key to check if dictionary has the key, that's how Python does it right now.

    Also, in one of comments you have a misprint: 'depricated'.

    Thanks for your work! :)