Alexander Solovyov avatar Alexander Solovyov committed 3a986c9

load stored paths to project roots if they aren't loaded yet

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   (let ((current-project project-details)
         (point-to nil))
+    (if (not project-root-seen-projects)
+        (project-root-load-roots))
     (switch-to-buffer (get-buffer-create "*Seen Project List*"))
     (insert "* Seen projects\n")
     (print project-root-seen-projects (current-buffer))
     (write-file project-root-storage-file)))
-(defun project-root-load-roots()
+(defun project-root-load-roots ()
   "Loads seen projects info from file"
       (project-root-set-project project))))
 (defun project-root-set-project (p)
+  (if (not project-root-seen-projects)
+      (project-root-load-roots))
   (when (not (member p project-root-seen-projects))
     (add-to-list 'project-root-seen-projects project)
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