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What's Svarga

  • The residence of Svarog, main Slavic god, and Heaven.
  • Python Web Framework. Heaven is not guaranteed, but satisfaction is.


Svarga is aiming to be a web framework, whose goals are:

  • Batteries included
  • Easy creation and distribution of reusable parts (i.e. applications)
  • Don't stay in your way

There is some docs. Warning: API is unstable and may change anytime.



We have two mailing lists, `svarga@librelist.com` and `svarga.ru@librelist.com` (this one is Russian-speaking and it's not a domain - librelist don't want us using dashes in mailing list name). You can browse archives at http://librelist.com/browser/. Subscription is as easy as sending email with any subject and content to corresponding address (you'll receive confirmation message).

There is also IRC channel [[irc://irc.freenode.net/#svarga|#svarga]] @ freenode.net, with logs at http://logs.piranha.org.ua/.


Svarga is based on already working libraries (we do not suffer from not-invented-here syndrome), particularly:

SQLAlchemy is the ultimate answer to ORM question. Migrate (any other solutions?) could be our answer to database migration questions - it's better to have one preferred method than a lot of various possibilities.

There is a lot of solutions, but Werkzeug seems the best of them: it's not big, but fast and very flexible. And we get nice debugger as a bonus.

It's good written, very fast and quite popular. Additionally it is familiar to those coming from Django.

They seem like a good base for building our applications on them. There is no formset support, but we already handle that ourselves.