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The Hide and Seek Plugin for Confluence allows you to edit your page history.

An extended view of all historic versions of a page allows you to delete single or multiple entries. It also show some useful information about changes, e.g. the old and the new page titles when the page was renamed.

Are regular changes to pages bloating your database?

Automatically deleting page versions by time period enables you to delete them at once or regularily.

Or do you have sensitive information like passwords etc. stuck in your wiki's history?

This plugin helps you to remove such fragments from your page history.


Hide and Seek is a type two plugin, please follow the installation instructions as given by Atlassian: Installation steps via Universal Plugin Manager

More information

For further information about the plugins, please have a look at the plugin version you are using:

  • Hide And Seek 1.1.0
    • #17 Automatical removal of page versions by time period
    • #13 Add pagination to page history
    • #15 Allow direct deletion of page version