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Issue #11 resolved
Karl Kirch created an issue

When I switch branches and go to the Overview tab, I only see renderings from files in my master branch.

This should show the files in the branch that I'm currently viewing (and if possible show the dropdown to select a branch as well).

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  1. TheresaH

    Hi @joekarl ,

    thanks for reporting this. Actually this is not that easy since Atlassian doesn't provide access to this nice branch selector for me as a plugin developer. But I would love to see this implemented, too.

    I guess a cheap self-made branch-selector will do for the first step though.

    Regards Theresa

  2. TheresaH

    Just some clarification: The branch selector will be visible in Stash >= 2.4.0, all other versions will hide the selector because soy template didn't extist then.

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