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Issue #16 resolved
Tomasz Borek created an issue

I have:

  • a central repository with default branch being master
  • it's Atlassian-Stash fork, where default branch is cfr
  • a local repository where I added a file.

Upon pushing to fork, I can see README on Files tab - it's listed among files in repo and it's rendered well under the list, as expected.

However Overview tab still displays:

There are no readme files in MyUser / ForkName, cfr.

Is there something I missed? Stash version 2.8. This comes from SO question where Stash dev redirected me to you guys.

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  1. TheresaH

    I can't seem to reproduce the problem. Just to be sure I took the right steps:

    1. Created a repository in a project (default branch is master and no readme files)
    2. Created a fork of the repository for own user (set default branch to cfr)
    3. Created a and pushed it to forked repository
    4. Overview tab displays

      There are no readme files in MyUser / ForkName, cfr.

    However, I fixed #15 and maybe this is no longer an issue. I'll try to create a new release this evening and let you know so you can check, whether the problem persists.



  2. Tomasz Borek reporter

    Works well in 1.2.1. Theresa, I'm impressed and inspired. The way you approached this got me fired up enough to set up everything at my home laptop just to test this. On Sunday! :-) Just so you have the feedback sooner. And all works well. Thank you. <bows>


  3. TheresaH

    Hi @lafk

    thanks for your awesome and especially fast feedback :-) I am glad, that the new release solves the problem.



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