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Just installed the add on. No readme files in the repositories at this time. When I click on the overview link i get a completely blank white page. Disabled add on for now.

I did restart stash just to be sure.

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  1. TheresaH

    Hi @Tim_Ops ,

    thanks for reporting this issue. Could you tell me, which version of Stash and which version of the plugin you were using when this problem occurred?



  2. Daniel Koo

    Hi Theresa,

    I can confirm we are getting this issue with Stash 2.9.3, along with v 1.2.5 of the plugin.


  3. Philipp Sonntag

    Hello @resah ,

    just installed the plugin on stash v2.11.2, plugin version 1.2.5. UPM Version v2.15.2. The Overview tab shows up just fine, but the site is completely blank.

    My Best, Phil


    Could it be that the plugin only checks the master branch?


    The repo affected does have std. sphinx related .rst files for 'readme', no file has this name. In another repo we have, we just added a folder containing a README.txt. For this repo the Overview page works. Adding a README.rst to the branch in question did not change the error.

  4. Martin Kreis

    We do have the Problem also, with Stash Version v2.12.0, Plugin Version 1.2.5, UPN Version 2.15.2 But it looks that we have it only in Projects which do not have a readme. Thanks Martin

  5. TheresaH

    Hi everyone,

    sry it took my so long to answer. Right now I am quite busy but will try to check this matter as soon as possible,

    @typophil : You asked, whether it only checks the master branch: Well, yes and no. It will check whatever branch you have currently selected (which would be your configured default branch for the most cases). Could you explain your case with "std. sphinx related .rst files for 'readme'" a little more in detail? I don't understand "std. sphinx related".

    To summarise: This is mainly a problem with repositories which have no readme file. For those repositories a click on "Overview" results in a completly blank page.

    Thanks for your patience.



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