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We have a project that has multiple read me files in the child directories. When clicking on the Overview, the default readme file displayed is not the readme in the root of the project, and so it is confusing to read something about a small part of the repo when clicking Overview.

Is it possible to sort the readme files in the Overview by location, and display the readme in the root of the repo by default?

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  1. Stephan Wentz

    Maybe it would suffice to globally configure preferred readme files? For example we have a in most of our repos, but in some repos we also have a, which is shown as default. But we want to prefer

  2. TheresaH

    Hi anonymous, hi @stephan_wentz ,

    which version of Stash Readme Parser plugin are you using? The version 1.4.0-beta might already do what you are looking for. Have you tried this one?

    Regards Theresa

  3. John Fultz

    Probably related to this looks to me like there is a limit on the number of filenames in a repo that the plugin will search through. And it runs through that list in alphabetical order by subdirectory, then alphabetical order by file (i.e., depth-first, alphabetically). Which means, unfortunately, that the files in the root directory are looked at last.

    My example...I have a repo with about 13,700 files in the working tree. I can't get it to find the README in the root at all. If I try to set the filename for something like "READ" or "RE", I can see plenty of other files, but not all of them and not the one I want in the root.

    If, on the other hand, I put my readme into a subdirectory called 00-ReadMe (that is zero-zero-ReadMe), it works brilliantly. Therefore, I surmise that it's searching depth-first, alphabetically.

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