Administration area to configure file types and parsers

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Issue #3 resolved
TheresaH created an issue

As an administrator I want to configure which files should be parsed and by which parser to ensure that even different file types (e.g. TXT) will be displayed if needed.

Allow configuration of

  • file names which should be parsed
  • mapping of file endings to markup renderers
  • fallback markup renderer (if file name matches but file ending has no mapping to renderer)

The configuration should be per repository.

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  1. TheresaH reporter

    Hi @ZackZarap42

    I can't give you a specfic release date, but I am trying to implement this feature during the next one or two months.

    What part of this feature would be the most relevant for you?



  2. Frank Kubis

    Thanks for your fast feedback, I created the Issue #22, mapping of file endings to markup renderers is most relevant for us.

  3. TheresaH reporter

    So far I added the administration screen, but the usage of these parameters is still work in progress.

  4. TheresaH reporter

    Hi @ZackZarap42,

    we just created a new beta release 1.4.0-beta which contains a settings screen for each repository.

    You can configure filenames (e.g. "readme", "changelog", ...) and which file types should be parser by which markup formatter. And finally you can set a fallback parser.

    I hope this is what you were looking for, maybe you want to try it?



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