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Issue #32 wontfix
Benjamin D. Smith created an issue

Self explanatory :)

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  1. TheresaH

    Hi @benjamin_smith ,

    actually we are supporting most features of GitHub flavored Markdown.

    Is there a specific feature you are looking for?



  2. Benjamin D. Smith reporter

    I would also like to add that Tables are not rendered properly for this plugin, however this may be in need of a separate issue.


    Preview in Stash
    Preview in Stash.PNG

    Preview in GitHub
    Preview in GitHub.PNG

  3. TheresaH

    Hi @benjamin_smith ,

    In regard to the tables: Its layout is changed to match Atlassian UI defaults but otherwise it's exactly the same as in GitHub.
    Are you missing the row markers for even/odd rows? If that's the case, I would like to change this issue title to reflect that.

    Or are you missing any more features of GitHub flavored Markdown?



  4. TheresaH

    Hi everyone ( @benjamin_smith, @Patrick Slattery ),

    I created tickets for each requested feature:

    • issue #43: Numbered links in Markdown not working Markup
    • issue #42: Multi-line code blocks
    • issue #41: Row markers for even/odd table rows

    I close this one. Please follow the specific issues if you want to track the progress.

    Thanks for your input.



  5. Chris Conover

    @Theresa Henze:

    There is also a bug wherein a list doesn't render properly unless there is a full line gap:

    This is a list
    - that renders properly on GitHub
    - but not on BitBucket

    To make it render:

    • you need to have
    • a full line separator
    • which is annoying
  6. Chris Conover

    And interestingly enough, it is not pulling up the poster / commenter with the @ symbol, it is grabbing from some other list (bad).

  7. Oscar Olsson

    I too am annoyed be the extra-new-line-before-lists bug.

    This becomes extra troubling when the markdown is rendered in multiple places because the extra new line is usually correctly rendered as a paragraph end. This makes your markdown either correct at bitbucket or correct somewhere else.

  8. Charles Robertson

    Yes. And could we get proper blockquoting with a thick blue line, grey background and no horrendous double quotes...

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