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Issue #33 wontfix
Benjamin D. Smith created an issue

Self explanatory :)

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  1. TheresaH

    Hi @benjamin_smith ,

    actually this is not as self explanatory as you may see it ;) Could you help me out with a link or some documentation in what features "Wordpress Flavored Markdown" differs from basic Markdown and/or Github flavored Markdown?

    Many thanks


  2. Benjamin D. Smith reporter

    Hi Theresa Henze ,

    I guess I had end of the week syndrome ;)

    I believe there are some minor differences to formatting which you might be able to spot here

    You might find this page useful where it states that Wordpress apparently uses Markdown Extra

    I will however need to consult with my colleagues who use Wordpress to get a better understanding of the differences which might not be listed in the above resources linked :)

    Personally though, I would say that GitHub Flavored Markdown #32 is a lot higher regarded and somewhat of a standard now for Markup and thus should be supported.

    You can also use this handy little site to try to spot additional differences:

  3. TheresaH

    Hi @benjamin_smith ,

    I checked some of the markup examples and the only noteworthy missing feature seem to be "footnotes".

    But footnotes are not working in Github flavored Markdown either, so I think we won't fix/implement this in the near future.

    Thanks for the link of this nice markdown render site (which doesn't render footnotes btw ;) )



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