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Issue #38 resolved
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Provide code syntax highlighting for code samples indicating swift language

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  1. TheresaH

    Hi Anonymous, hi @jeff_stein ,

    I guess you mean support for Swift language highlighting in Markdown rendered files? Or do you use another markup?

    Thanks for this suggestion. This might be interesting, but I will not consider it for the next release.



  2. Jeff Stein

    What we mean is we want to be abLe to use the syntax


    (I'm typing this on my phone so I think I got the characters wrong ) but you should get the just. Whatever library does sybtax highlighting for markdown there is one somewhwre that supports swift I believe.

  3. TheresaH

    Hi @jeff_stein ,

    I just released version 1.4.2 which supports syntax highlighting for Swift code snippets rendered with the Stash Readme Parser plugin.

    Please note, that the highlighting is only working in Overview tab of this plugin, since Stash itself is not supporting Swift syntax highlighting right now.



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