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Issue #53 resolved
Stephan Wentz created an issue

Since Stash is now Bitbucket Server, and Version is raised to 4.0.x, a new Version with support for it would be nice. It's the only plugin missing from my list ;-)

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  1. Micha Kops

    @stephan_wentz Asap :) We've just started and the release of JIRA 7 forces some multitasking in our spare time :)

  2. Stephan Wentz reporter

    Agreed. Are there many changes need for the transition from Stash to Bitbucket Server? Or is it really just a rename?

  3. Micha Kops

    @stephan_wentz In a simple setup, all you need to do is to replace some package names (like sed 's/com.atlassian.stash/com.atlassian.bitbucket/g' ;)) and alter the Maven dependencies to use the Bitbucket dependencies.

    In our case, we needed to replace some special Stash dependencies, one replacement was not API compatible, in addition, package names, hierarchies, class-names, soy-namespaces, soy-function-names, webpanel/section-classifiers, component-declaration-names, icon-names and the response format of some RESTful webservices have changed.

    No reason to cry, though but as we're doing this in our spare-time, it might take some days (hopefully) to upgrade this plugin :)

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