Repository images and links not working with Stash 3.11.4 and ReadMe Parser 1.4.3

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Anybody seeing issues with rendering images and links with Stash 3.11.4 and ReadMe Parser 1.4.3? Both the image and URL targets are files in the same repo. Full URLs work fine though.

I created a simple file with two lines:

[The Primer users guide](
![The command flow in Primer](PrimerFlow.png)

When rendered by ReadMe Parser the link is not clickable and if I view page source I can see that the href is missing:

<a>The Primer user's guide></a>

Similarly the image is rendered without the src:

<img alt="The command flow in Primer">

Confirmed permissions, image is present, etc. No errors in the log. I am using the full URL paths starting with https:// as a workaround.

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