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The Stash Readme Parser Plugin extends your Atlassian Stash instance to display the rendered content of your project's README file just as you're used to do on GitHub or Bitbucket.

The plugin supports multiple formats like markdown, textile, mediawiki, twiki and rst markup for rendering.

This plugin is winner of the Atlassian Codegeist 2012 in the category 'Best Stash Add-on' Atlassian Codegeist 2012


Please download the plugin using your the Universal Plugin Manager in your Stash instance or download the plugin from the Atlassian Marketplace.


You can configure the plugin for each repository to match its specific needs. You can find the configuration screen in your repository settings panel.

Filename Matching

List of filenames to match, separated by commas. All files matching these filenames or are prefixed with it will be listed in Overview tab.

Example: changelog, read

Will match the following files:

  • reader.js

But will not match:


If you leave the filenames setting empty, the matching we only use file extensions to recognize renderable files.

Extension Matching

Mapping of different parsers to file extensions. How a file will be rendered depends on the parser which is applied to a file. You can decide which parser should be used for each file extension.

Default mapping:

  • Markdown: md, markdown, mkdn, text
  • Textile: textile
  • MediaWiki: mediawiki
  • TWiki: twiki
  • plain: txt

Fallback Markup

Should a filename match whose file extension has no mapping for a markup parser, the fallback markup will be used.


When you're adding a README in one of the supported formats to your repository, the plugin will detect this files according to your configuration and display a new tab named Overview.

Clicking on the Overview tab will list you all matching files. Next to an entry a markup identifier is shown to indicate which markup will be used to render that file. You can use the branch selector to check the matching files for other branches, too.

This way you can directly display helpful information about your project, like:

  • readme files
  • change logs
  • license information
  • installation or setup instructions
  • ...


Rendering a README in markdown format

File overview and rendering markdown format

Branch contains no readme files

Branch without readme files

Code syntax highlighting

Code syntax highlighting (including Swift)

Plugin Configuration

Repository-wise plugin configuration

Issue Tracker

Please report issues to our issue tracker on Bitbucket.