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Jan Winkler
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A first implementation of TexText using pdf2svg instead of the broken pstoedit is available now for testing purposes. Anyone who would like to test it and give feedback is encouraged to process the following steps:

  1. Make sure that TexText 0.7 is installed.

  2. Make sure pdf2svg is installed and on the system path (Windows binaries)

  3. Make a backup of textext.py in your Inkscape extension folder

  4. Download textext.py from the feature/pdf2svg_support branch and copy it into your Inkscape extension folder

So far, it has only been tested under Windows. With this test version, you can create nodes using both, pdf2svg and pstoedit. This can be manually set in line 1422 at the end of textext.py by choosing the converter (this will be made more comfortable later, of course). Currently, pdf2svg is the standard, of course. Nodes created with pdf2svg can be later edited via pstoedit and vice versa.

Thanks for any feedback to make this approach stable.

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  1. strombolo

    Finally! Thanks!! This works fine for me running: inkscape 0.91 on Mac Os Sierra 10.13.3 using pdf2svg 0.2.3_4 installed with brew. I've been stuck for quite a while not finding an adequate solution. Best, St

  2. foadsf

    This worked for me on mac. I just installed the pdf2svg using homebrew. Then replaced the textext.py file in the ~/.config/inkscape/extensions/ folder with the new one.

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