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Add Path.owner and

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 Version 0.8
-- Add property.
+- Add
+- Add Path.owner and
 Version 0.7
 Concrete paths provide the following attributes:
 .. data::
+      Path.owner
+   The owner name and group name of the file, respectively.  :exc:`KeyError`
+   is thrown if the file's uid or gid isn't found in the system database.
+.. data::
     def __getattr__(self, name):
         if name.startswith('st_'):
             return getattr(self._stat, name)
-        return super(Path, self).__getattribute__(name)
+        return self.__getattribute__(name)
     def glob(self, pattern):
         """Iterate over this subtree and yield all existing files (of any
         return self._stat
+    @property
+    def owner(self):
+        """
+        Return the login name of the file owner.
+        """
+        import pwd
+        return pwd.getpwuid(self._stat.st_uid).pw_name
+    @property
+    def group(self):
+        """
+        Return the group name of the file gid.
+        """
+        import grp
+        return grp.getgrgid(self._stat.st_gid).gr_name
     def raw_open(self, flags, mode=0o777):
         Open the file pointed by this path and return a file descriptor,
     from test import test_support as support
 TESTFN = support.TESTFN
+    import grp, pwd
+except ImportError:
+    grp = pwd = None
 class _BaseFlavourTest(unittest.TestCase):
         with self.assertRaises(AttributeError):
+    @unittest.skipUnless(pwd, "the pwd module is needed for this test")
+    def test_owner(self):
+        p = self.cls(BASE)['fileA']
+        uid = p.stat().st_uid
+        name = pwd.getpwuid(uid).pw_name
+        self.assertEqual(name, p.owner)
+    @unittest.skipUnless(grp, "the grp module is needed for this test")
+    def test_group(self):
+        p = self.cls(BASE)['fileA']
+        gid = p.stat().st_gid
+        name = grp.getgrgid(gid).gr_name
+        self.assertEqual(name,
     def test_unlink(self):
         p = self.cls(BASE)['fileA']
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