Antoine Pitrou avatar Antoine Pitrou committed 3169bf8

Fix suffixes for names starting or ending with a dot.

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     def suffixes(self):
         """A list of the final component's suffixes, if any."""
-        basename =
+        basename ='.')
         if basename == '' or basename == '.':
             return []
         return ['.' + suffix for suffix in basename.split('.')[1:]]
         self.assertEqual(P('/a/b/.').suffixes, [])
         self.assertEqual(P('a/').suffixes, ['.py'])
         self.assertEqual(P('/a/').suffixes, ['.py'])
+        self.assertEqual(P('a/.hgrc').suffixes, [])
+        self.assertEqual(P('/a/.hgrc').suffixes, [])
+        self.assertEqual(P('a/.hg.rc').suffixes, ['.rc'])
+        self.assertEqual(P('/a/.hg.rc').suffixes, ['.rc'])
         self.assertEqual(P('a/b.tar.gz').suffixes, ['.tar', '.gz'])
         self.assertEqual(P('/a/b.tar.gz').suffixes, ['.tar', '.gz'])
+        self.assertEqual(P('a/Some name ending with a dot.').suffixes, [])
+        self.assertEqual(P('/a/Some name ending with a dot.').suffixes, [])
     def test_relative_common(self):
         P = self.cls
         self.assertEqual(P('c:/a/b').suffixes, [])
         self.assertEqual(P('c:a/').suffixes, ['.py'])
         self.assertEqual(P('c:/a/').suffixes, ['.py'])
+        self.assertEqual(P('c:a/.hgrc').suffixes, [])
+        self.assertEqual(P('c:/a/.hgrc').suffixes, [])
+        self.assertEqual(P('c:a/.hg.rc').suffixes, ['.rc'])
+        self.assertEqual(P('c:/a/.hg.rc').suffixes, ['.rc'])
         self.assertEqual(P('c:a/b.tar.gz').suffixes, ['.tar', '.gz'])
         self.assertEqual(P('c:/a/b.tar.gz').suffixes, ['.tar', '.gz'])
         self.assertEqual(P('//').suffixes, [])
         self.assertEqual(P('//').suffixes, [])
+        self.assertEqual(P('c:a/Some name ending with a dot.').suffixes, [])
+        self.assertEqual(P('c:/a/Some name ending with a dot.').suffixes, [])
     def test_relative(self):
         P = self.cls
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