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Improve parent() and resolve() docs

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       >>> p.parent(4)
+   .. note::
+      This is a purely lexical operation, hence the following behaviour::
+         >>> p = PurePosixPath('foo/..')
+         >>> p.parent()
+         PurePosixPath('foo')
+      If you want to walk an arbitrary filesystem path upwards, it is
+      recommended to first call :meth:`Path.resolve` so as to resolve
+      symlinks and eliminate `".."` components.
 .. method:: PurePath.parents()
       >>> p.resolve()
+   `".."` components are also eliminated (this is the only method to do so)::
+      >>> p = Path('docs/../')
+      >>> p.resolve()
+      PosixPath('/home/antoine/pathlib/')
    If the path doesn't exist, an :exc:`OSError` is raised.  If an infinite
    loop is encountered along the resolution path, :exc:`ValueError` is raised.
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