Antoine Pitrou committed a9cf391

Path('').parent() and Path('/').parent() now raise ValueError

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         drv = self._drv
         root = self._root
         parts = self._parts[:-level]
-        if not parts and (drv or root):
-            # If the path is absolute, we keep it absolute
-            parts = [self._parts[0]]
+        if not parts:
+            if level > len(self._parts) - bool(drv or root):
+                raise ValueError("level greater than path length")
         return self._from_parsed_parts(drv, root, parts)
     def parents(self):
         self.assertEqual(p.parent(), P('a/b'))
         self.assertEqual(p.parent(2), P('a'))
         self.assertEqual(p.parent(3), P())
-        self.assertEqual(p.parent(4), P())
+        self.assertRaises(ValueError, p.parent, 4)
         # Anchored
         p = P('/a/b/c')
         self.assertEqual(p.parent(), P('/a/b'))
         self.assertEqual(p.parent(2), P('/a'))
         self.assertEqual(p.parent(3), P('/'))
-        self.assertEqual(p.parent(4), P('/'))
+        self.assertRaises(ValueError, p.parent, 4)
+        # Invalid level values
+        self.assertRaises(ValueError, p.parent, 0)
+        self.assertRaises(ValueError, p.parent, -1)
     def test_parents_common(self):
         # Relative
         self.assertEqual(p.parent(), P('z:a/b'))
         self.assertEqual(p.parent(2), P('z:a'))
         self.assertEqual(p.parent(3), P('z:'))
-        self.assertEqual(p.parent(4), P('z:'))
+        self.assertRaises(ValueError, p.parent, 4)
         p = P('z:/a/b/c')
         self.assertEqual(p.parent(), P('z:/a/b'))
         self.assertEqual(p.parent(2), P('z:/a'))
         self.assertEqual(p.parent(3), P('z:/'))
-        self.assertEqual(p.parent(4), P('z:/'))
+        self.assertRaises(ValueError, p.parent, 4)
         p = P('//a/b/c/d')
         self.assertEqual(p.parent(), P('//a/b/c'))
         self.assertEqual(p.parent(2), P('//a/b'))
-        self.assertEqual(p.parent(3), P('//a/b'))
+        self.assertRaises(ValueError, p.parent, 3)
     def test_parents(self):
         # Anchored
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