Jira to issue notification

This is a Jira webhook which converts issue update notifications into
messages on a IRC channel.


Python 2.7 is required.  No external libraries have to be installed.


Copy jira2grove-example.ini to jira2grove.ini, and modify the latter with
your project's information.  At the minimum, you'll have to fill in the
channel_token.  It is also recommended you set the issue_url, so that the
HTTP links posted to your IRC channel are correct.

Stand-alone use

For quick testing, you can run as a script.  You have to
run it as root so that it can listen to the 80 TCP port (Jira doesn't allow
Webhooks on non-standard ports), but it will drop privileges and switch to
the chosen user as soon as possible.

WSGI application

For real-world use, it is recommended to deploy the webhook as a WSGI
application using the script.

Further reading
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