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Dekk is a modular presentation library written in React.js.

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The demo can be viewed as a default or live deck or speaker deck

Default mode

  • Dekk demo
  • Includes: URLs and Paging.
  • This viewmode is a standalone version.

Presenter mode

  • Presenter demo
  • includes URLs, Paging and LocalStorage as publisher.
  • This viewmode controls a live deck.

Live mode

  • Live demo
  • Includes LocalStorage as subscriber.
  • Paging and URLs are disabled.
  • This viewmode is controlled from a speaker deck.

Getting Started

To create your first Deck we recommend reading the
Getting started
guide. It will show you how to use a precofugured Dekk to create your

If you want to use your own logic, you can start from here and just follow along:


There are a few copy & paste examples which you can use. They show some configuration
options of Dekk.

Developing Dekk

You are welcome to help develop Dekk. to contribute please follow these steps:


Please take the time and read our
contributing guidelines
and the code of conduct

  1. Node.js, npm

Please ensure that you are running the correct node version.
The supported engines are listed in package.json~engines.

  1. Clone Dekk
git clone git@github.com:sinnerschrader/dekk.git
cd dekk
  1. Install and bootstrap
npx lerna bootstrap
  1. start development mode

This opens a webpack-dev-server on localhost (port 8080)

yarn develop
  1. open your browser. The hosted content is defined in gh/pages/gh-pages.js


Without the work of these amazing libraries Dekk would not work.
So let's thank the creators and contributers of these projects.

Special thanks

To develop Dekk a lot more than just those 4 packages were needed 😱

npx thanks (top 10)

Author Where to Donate Dependencies
sindresorhus patreon.com/sindresorhus eslint-config-xo-react + 195 more
feross patreon.com/feross safe-buffer, resolve + 10 more
mafintosh patreon.com/mafintosh safe-buffer, resolve + 7 more
mikeal patreon.com/mikeal request, form-data + 6 more
nzakas paypal.me/nczonline eslint, estraverse + 6 more
juliangruber patreon.com/juliangruber isarray, balanced-match + 6 more
hughsk hughsk.io/donate resolve, is-typedarray + 5 more
thlorenz patreon.com/thlorenz resolve + 5 more
hueniverse patreon.com/eranhammer qs, boom, hoek, hawk, sntp + 1 more
yoshuawuyts patreon.com/yoshuawuyts resolve, timers-browserify + 1 more

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Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

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This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!