BitBucket to FogBugz Exporter

This tool allows importing issues from Bitbucket ( to FogBugz (


  • This is a console app designed to work with Windows. Requires .NET 4.0
  • It requires BitBucket Issue Archive (*.ZIP) file as a source of the input.
  • You need to have FogBugz account to import cases to.

Step 1. Exporting BitBucket Issues

Quoted from Log into Bitbucket using an account with administrative access to the repository. Then, do the following:

  1. Press the repository settings icon.
  2. The repository settings page appears.
  3. Select the Import & Export link from the left-hand navigation.
  4. Press Start export. The system displays the export progress. When the exports completes, the system displays a dialog with a download link.
  5. Download the completed zip file. The system also sends an email notification containing a link to the download file.

Step 2. Run import tool

After you obtain ZIP archive with issues from BitBucket you are ready to import them to FogBugz.

  1. Run the command line executable BB2FB.exe. You will see following screen:
  2. Enter information as prompted by the program:
  3. File open dialog will show to allow selection of the ZIP file downloaded from BitBucket.
  4. Select the file, kick back, relax and watch the progress.

Final notes

It is safe for the tool to be ran multiple times on the same project with the same source file (or even new source file from the same BitBucket repository). In this case incremental update will be performed - new comments, attachments and issues will be added.

Tool works a bit slow - to import 123 issues (overall 269 comments with 63 screen-shot attachments) took about 30 minutes.


After I wrote it I needed to only use it handful of times, each time it worked great, which does not mean it will always run great and is bug free. Use it at your own discretion.


Do whatever, we do not care :).