pixi* SDK

Framework for rapid application development for pixi* ecosystem.

SDK dependecies

  • pixi/ui - Ui library for pixi application based on {wrap}bootstrap ace template
  • pixi/api - SOAP Client library
  • pixi/factory - Library to initialise the soap Client in SDK
  • pixi/log - Library to log events or an history
  • components/pixi - Assets of the SDK framework.

Installing the SDK framework

Installation requirements

There are two ways to setup the SDK

1. Install the SDK with the package.json

Download the package.json file from downloads tab.

Move package.json file to the root of your Apache/Nginx server /var/www/

Run command

php composer create-project "Pixi/SDK" "YourAppDir" --repository-url="./packages.json"

After the installation completes you are asked if you want to remove existing VCS (.git, .svn..) history?

This is optional so you can choose Y or N

2. Install the SDK by downloading the sources

You can download the sources of the SDK from the downloads area in the menu on the left side. Here you can download the sources of a specific branch or a tagged version.

Running the SDK

For local development, we love running the build in web server of PHP:

php -S localhost:8080

Still, you have the possibility to just use ure local webserver (e.g. xampp, wamp, easyphp, ...) by moving the source files into a designated folder of the htdocs folder of your local environment.
For xampp the path could look like this c:\xampp\htdocs\pixi_SDK\

Building your first application with SDK.

Overview of all available UI Elements