This repository is going to be abandoned after I merge the changes to and maybe to a repository at, all of the changes from here will be found in the svn repository, so it it best for you to get the package from the collective svn or the github repository


You need to have at least Products.Archetypes 1.5.15 or later. If you are running Plone 3.3.4, this is not the case. You can then simply pin Archetypes to 1.5.15 and it should work.

Detailed Documentation

slc.seminarportal can be used to model and present seminars and conferences.

When you view a seminar, you will be presented with a roster showing all the rooms (venues) and the speeches held in those rooms. The roster is a table with the rooms as the columns and the times of the speeches as the rows.

To show a column with the speech times on the roster, make sure to check the box on the bottom of the seminar edit page.

Content Types:

The following content types are available:

  • Seminar
    The Seminar is globally addable and contains all the seminar-related subobjets.
  • Speakers Folder
    The Speakers folder is automatically created whenever a seminar has been created. This folder's allowed content types are restricted to speakers only.
  • Speaker
    Every conference and seminar has people holding talks, making presentations and giving speeches. These people are modeled with the speaker content type. You can add references to speeches (i.e the speeches held by this speaker). These references are two-way, so the speeches now also have references to this speaker.
  • Speech Venues Folder
    The Speech Venues folder is also automatically created when a seminar is created. This folder's allowed content types are restricted to speech venues only.
  • Speech Venue
    A speech venue refers to the room or conference hall in which speeches are held. This folder's allowed content types are restricted to speeches only.
  • Speech
    A speech is a talk or presentation held at the conference and in one of the rooms/venues. You can add references to speakers (i.e the speakers who held the speech). These references are two-way, so the speakers now also have references to the speeches.

Other features: You can add a 'layout' property on the folder containing your seminars. Give the value of '@@seminarfolder-view' and you will have now a special view for your seminars with simple and advanced search options.

Dummy Data:

If you want to get an impression of the structure, views and content types provided by slc.seminarportal, then you can create some dummy seminars, speakers and speeches with a provided external method.

In the Zope management interface, create a new external method by choosing it from the dropdown box.

Then give the following values:
  • id: create_seminar_test_data (or whatever you prefer)
  • Title: (whatever you prefer)
  • Module Name: slc.seminarportal.create_seminar_test_data
  • Function Name: run

After saving, click on the 'test' tab and wait for the external method to finish executing.

You should now have a 'Seminars' folder with dummy data in your Plone root.


Copyright European Agency for Health and Safety at Work and GmbH.

slc.seminarportal development was funded by the European Agency for Health and Safety at Work.


slc.seminarportal is licensed under the GNU Lesser Generic Public License, version 2 or later and EUPL version 1.1 only. The complete license texts can be found in docs/LICENSE.GPL and docs/LICENSE.EUPL.