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 - Questions and comments to info (at) syslab (dot) com
 - Report bugs at
+This repository is going to be abandoned after I merge the changes to 
+ and maybe
+to a repository at, all of the changes
+from here will be found in the svn repository, so it it best for you 
+to get the package from the collective svn or the github repository
-1.4.5 (unreleased)
+1.5 (unreleased)
-- Bugfix product for plone4 for portlets, speakers templates, browser views
+- WARNING: Plone4 fixes which attemps to keep Plone3 compatibility, 
+  but without testing done on plone3, please test before trying to
+  use this version in a plone3 environment, or stick to the previous
+  versions since all of the changes in this version are only to fix
+  the package for Plone4
+- Use subject field in session_view instead of Event Type since in 
+  plone 4 the archetype field for event Type is named subject [ichimdav]
+- Condition the use of document_actions since in Plone4 it is a viewlet
+- Defined lots of plone helpers that are no longer available in main_template
+  [ichimdav]
+- Used self.request instead of self.context.request to make it compatible 
+  with Plone4 and Plone3 [ichimdav]
+- Removed tab index since it is no longer present in Plone4 [ichimdav]
+- Fixed search portlets [ichimdav]
 1.4.4 (2011-12-05)
 def read(*rnames):
     return open(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), *rnames)).read()
-version = '1.4.5dev'
+version = '1.5dev'
 long_description = (