Android Unhidden: Access Android's hidden APIs

This is a library of wrappers that use reflection to provide relatively safe and convenient access to the Android framework's non-public, "hidden" APIs.

The wrappers allow your application to compile without the presence of the hidden framework code, and without hardcoding the values of fields and constants used by the APIs. At load/run time, the wrappers use reflection to access the device's implementation.

All the usual warnings about using unsupported APIs still apply: see for example the Android Developers Blog post Be Careful With Content Providers.


Generally, using the wrappers is as simple as adding unhide. in front of the import of the library you want to use.

For example, instead of:

import android.provider.Telephony;



There are some caveats to be aware of:

  • The reflection process delays the initialization of static final constant fields to class load time, rather than compile time: this means that you cannot use these constants in switch blocks. (Using them in if blocks or elsewhere is fine, though.)

Supported APIs

Currently, the following APIs are supported:

  • android.provider.Telephony

Running the tests

Make sure the Android SDK is configured and available, either by setting $ANDROID_HOME, or running android update project.

Start the target emulator or device, then run:

ant -f tests/build.xml debug install test