Thomas Waldmann  committed 942d27d

remove SERVER_NAME due to troubles

When using SERVER_NAME="", the cookie domain gets set to ".".
Works for firefox, but not for chromium (one can not log in).

Also, one could not use url http://localhost:8080 because (of course) it only matches when configured like this.

So it is better to leave away this setting, then the cookie domain will be unspecified.

Initially this was introduced to fix issue #96 (missing port in url_for(_item) output),
but it somehow does not happen any more.

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File docs/admin/serve.rst

  # or, if you need another ip/port:
  moin moin --config /path/to/ --host --port 7777
-If you plan to use an IP or hostname different from, please also set::
-accordingly in your wiki config. Use the IP or hostname that you use in the web
-browser when accessing the wiki.
 MoinMoin will start the built-in server and try to locate the wiki configuration
 from one of the following: **NOTE: please use an absolute path**


 MOINCFG = Config # Flask only likes uppercase stuff
 # Flask settings - see the flask documentation about their meaning
 SECRET_KEY = 'you need to change this so it is really secret'
 #DEBUG = False # use True for development only, not for public sites!
 #TESTING = False