Arduinos In Space!

A library for interacting with Objects in Space via a serial connection.

Protocol support

Arduinos In Space supports all of the known request types and command types documented in the unofficial Objects in Space wiki as of 2018-06-18. Note that at this stage the game is still under rapid development. New requests and commands are being added, and the protocol is likely to get some refinement. Arduinos In Space may lag slightly, or even briefly stop working between releases.

Note also that the library itself is still under development. Breaking changes are planned. But trust me, they're good ones.


While the library (and the game!) aren't really released yet, it can only be installed manually by following these steps:

  • Download the most recent release from the downloads section of the Bitbucket repository.
  • In the Arduino IDE, navigate to Sketch -> Include Library -> Add .ZIP Library...
  • Select the zip file previously downloaded.


Full documentation, including usage and the API, is available at the OiS wiki:

Example sketches

Sketches in the examples/ directory illustrate basic usage for trivial controllers.