LIME / project / README

bdf-fold-test		BDF example, with control port folded (i.e.  implicit)
                        This must deadlock with the Pthreads BE, since
			it is non-deterministic

bdf-unfold-test		BDF example, with explicit control port,
			leading to deterministic behavioiur

clone-test		Making clones with diversity (every clone
			could specify a different diversity setting)

code-test		Specifying <code> fragments directly in XML

coll-test		Map/Reduce with explicit bcast/mcast nodes
			(uses grouped multiports)

control-test		Application code with user-supplied "main"
			actor that receives events from other actors

csdf-relax-test		CSDF example, with relaxed (i.e. data-sharing)
			semantics. Implies equal rates for all

csdf-strict-test	CSDF strict example, every sub-actors acquires
			its own chunk of data

ctor-external-test	Executing constructors as external actors

ctor-internal-test	Executing constructors as internal sub-actors

delay-external-test	Executing delay (FIFO constructors) as external actors

delay-internal-test	Executing delay (FIFO constructors) as internal sub-actors

flex-test		Allow mismatches in port types (framework is
			responsible for conversion/alignment)

inst-test		Instantiate several copies (note: not clones,
			as diversity setting is one per clone and for all instances)

lit-test		Send data via pointer (initialize by
			reference), receive it as a literal (by value)

main-test		Specify application code as an actor

mcast-test		Attach several communication channels to a
			port (note: which is not the same as grouped

mdim-test		Transport arrays via ports 

meta-test		Test metamorphic capabilities

opt-consumer-test	sink either gets some data, or get the NULL

simple-test		simplest source->copy->sink example

vrdf-consumer-test	VRDF consumption

vrdf-producer-test	full VRDF with production (dynamic memory