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Issue #10 resolved

Maintain the vertical scroll position

created an issue

Hi, great extension, and aesthetically perfect! But it has a handicap: after every reload, it loses the last vertical scroll position and is positioned on the top of the site. This makes impossible to follow changes in the middle or bottom the sites because it turns back to the top.

Both Operas reload function and Firefoxes extension 'Reload Every', maintains the vertical scroll position after the reload.

Can you fix this?

Thanks hejdor34

PS. Perhaps something like this: http://www.redips.net/javascript/maintain-scroll-position/

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  1. pjv repo owner
    • changed status to open

    thanks for this report and the pointer to the scroll position code. i’ll see if i can figure out how to fix this.

  2. hejdor34 reporter

    Thanks for solving the vertical problem!!

    On a zoomed site, after every reload it loses the last HORIZONTAL scroll position and it turns back to the left. Can you apply the same method for the horizontal scroll position?

    Thanks, hejdor34

  3. pjv repo owner

    apparently i can. see v. 1.4.

    and i also took the opportunity to come up with a new implementation that works without mangling the URL to remember the scroll position between reloads.

    thanks for helping me make str better.

  4. hejdor34 reporter

    All possible scroll combinations are working now perfectly :-) Great! I use to have many small Safari windows simultanly open, and now I can update any of them automatically without problems.

    Thanks, hejdor34

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