influxcsv(1) -- wrapper to present InfluxDB query results as CSV



A simple wrapper service to proxy an InfluxDB database and present query results as CSV. Only queries that return a single series will give expected results.

Useful for things like the Quantopian data fetcher, or any other system that can only consume CSV format data, and needs access to timeseries data stored in Influx.

No data is stored by this service, and it is very easy to set up inside your own infrastructure.


All options are specified as HTTP GET parameters

  • proto <http[s]>: the protocol to use to connect to the InfluxDB server (eg, http or https)
  • host <string>: the hostname of your InfluxDB server
  • port <integer>: the port number your InfluxDB server is listening on
  • db <string>: the name of the database you wish to query
  • q <string>: the actual query

Additionally, authorization is only handled over HTTP Basic Auth. (I.E., you cannot specify credentials as GET parameters.) Send your Authorization header to this service, and it will be forwarded, unchanged, to your InfluxDB.


No data or authorization credentials are logged or saved by this application. If you would rather run it on your own infrastructure, it is very easy:


Or, if you prefer to run it with foreman (as it is run on Heroku):

foreman start

If you do use this app running on Heroku, you are encouraged to use it over SSL:


Patrick Kaeding