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Fort in the Woods

by Patrick Dawson <pat@dw.is> in Berlin, Germany for Ludum Dare 23, 2012-04-22 ===============================================================================


You have been ordered to establish an outpost in enemy territory, a safe haven for coordinating operations.

After a few days of travel, your small, lightly equipped force finds a spot hidden deep in the woods and clears the site.

Now you must survive.

Your fort will inevitably be discovered by enemy scouts, so train additional troops to defend your position until reinforcements arrive.

For the next 20 weeks, you're on your own.


Farms produce 5 Food per turn.

You need a Barracks to train one military unit. Two Barracks let you train two units per turn, etc.

Walls give archers a bonus to attack and defense.

Combat is automated; you can only watch.


Tools used: - Editra - Paint.NET - sfxr

Libraries used: - PyGame <http://pygame.org> - sgc <https://launchpad.net/simplegc>

Other: - combat rules inspired by Basic Fantasy RPG <http://basicfantasy.org/>