phspline_trajectory_planner stack

Ganesh P Kumar

Contact: (Ganesh P Kumar)

0.Copy this folder to your ROS_PACKAGE_PATH. Make each of the phspline_goal_passer, phspline_pose_follower and phspline_generator dirs. Move phspline_simple_navigation_goals_tutorial to ros_tutorials and make it too.

To run the demos:

  1. Copy the launch_files/erratic_navigation* to your erratic_robot stack.Copy launch_files/control_points.txt to /tmp/control_points.txt. Move phspline_simple_navigation_goals_tutorial to ros_tutorials.

  2. Without PH Splines: Launch demo_2dnav_empty_map_no_phspline.launch from your erratic_navigation_apps/gazebo folder. Then in a separate terminal run shell$ cd phspline_simple_navigation_goals_tutorial ; simple_navigation_goals input.txt

  3. With PH splines: Launch demo_2dnav_empty_map_phspline.launch from the gazebo folder in (2) above. As above, run simple_navigation_goals on input.txt. Note that these are dummy goals only. Note: When matlab window opens up , you may need to navigate to the matlab folder within phspline_goal_passer and run >> main_wrapper