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BaDaDam / Planned

Still some work to do...

Small Features

  • Add converters.

    • Double converter with proper regex for a decimal number.
    • File converter, its value contains only \ or / and a path structure.
    • URL converter.
    • more...
  • Implement random execution of stories, like in Surefire plugin, activated by an annotation that is read by the Stories test runner.

    • Add a system property (-D) to activate this. Maybe create a separate runner for system property handling.
  • Create an empty test class that uses system environment (-D) to find the base package. So we do not need a class for the annotation.

    • Use this runner in the example com.lunivore.noughtsandcrosses instead of the AllTests class.
  • If there is a class with the @Stories annotation, but no package, use the current package as base package

  • Reduce code further, create a minimalistic kernel/core.


  • Create a script to upload a Zip including the freshly Maven released JARs to the "Downloads" tab.


  • Create a screen cast with some code kata.
  • Add links to JBehave/Cucumber for mindset and background.