Designing test cases for the "Gilded Rose" kata.

This Kata was originally created by Terry Hughes.
Emily Bache translated it to a few other languages.
She wrote this article "Writing Good Tests for the Gilded Rose Kata"
about how you could use this kata.
The original source of the kata is on her GitHub page.

This is an extension of the kata which I created together with Stefan Pomajbik
to experiment with different test cases.
This code uses the testing tool FitNesse.
I used it in the Testing Dojo at the Agile Testing Days 2014.
Thanks to Martin Klose for reviewing it.
The slides from our session are available on Slideshare.

How to use this Kata

The simplest way is to just clone the code, run FitNesse and start creating
test cases using the requirements to identify suitable test cases.
I've provided several FitNesse bindings as starting points.

Whichever testing approach you choose, the idea of the exercise is to do some
deliberate practice, and improve your skills at designing test cases.
See the slides
for more information.


New BSD License, see license.txt in repository.