Implementation of Scheme in Go. My first Go project to get into the language. See also my love for Scheme.

Other Schemes in Go

  • GoScheme, a mini scheme interpreter using Go. (First project to learn go)
  • conscheme, a fairly complete R5RS implementation in Go with some important features missing: syntax-rules and full numeric tower. (University project by master students)
  • golisp, a Scheme-flavored Lisp implemented in Go.

Time Spent

  • 1,0h Project setup, use VS Code.
  • 0,5h Start coding, missing data structures... fail
  • 2,5h Parse single node
  • 1,0h Parse expression node
  • 1,5h Parse nested expressions
  • 1,5h Eval single nodes, with context for atoms
  • 1,5h Eval Define variable
  • 1,5h Eval Define function
  • 0,5h Linter Setup
  • 1,5h Cleanups
  • 1,0h Main to eval factorial

Total 14h


New BSD License, see license.txt in repository.